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 Lets Beat Corona Together! 

 Navigating the board as you approach the circle, beware. Your opponents next move may jeopardize your card. Corona Chase is a calculated game based on strategy and foresight. A balance of planning your offense while keeping your defense makes this a prime game.

In Corona Chase social distancing regulations, and more importantly common sense are practiced. A player is limited to moving one space per turn, and two cards can never be together in the same spot. Cards interaction take place as they contact each other in the circles and will affect each other based on their level of protection. Corona Chase is an excellent tool for social distance education and an exciting game.

Each card has its unique abilities and weaknesses. Essentially  your best card  is your worst card. That means you are the determining factor of whether your card will be weak or strong.

Corona the strongest player card is capable of holding up almost all the cards from proceeding., yet corona is the weakest card when confronted by a police!. A card without a mask while being stronger than a card without its face fully covered, is a weaker card  when facing a corona or police. Your mission is to watch your opponents every move, and calculate your game plan . Decide which card to progress and see how you can hold your opponents up.

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